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Our Cleaning Process

Procedures for Decontamination & Stabilization of Electronic Equipment

Solution Electronics Cleaning knows the first step when any electronic equipment is involved in disaster is to ensure that there is no power source connected to the equipment and it is not powered up for any reason. The second focus is on stabilizing the equipment as soon as possible to retard corrosion and contamination. Corrosion depends on three factors working in concert: humidity, temperature and contaminants. The next step is to reduce the humidity in and around the equipment as soon as possible maintaining a moderate temperature while stabilizing the contaminants. A moderate temperature with low humidity slows the corrosion rate significantly. Remember – timing is very important! Our experienced and efficient electronics technicians know that the faster the equipment is stabilized the higher the restoration success rate.

 Ease and consistency in the claims process.

Fast claims assignments to Solution insures a high rate of success on even the most heavily contaminated items, and reduces total loss due to prolonged exposure to harmful contaminants. We use industry approved pricing on all labor items with clear explanations for services performed. If you need a pack out, an onsite restoration or consultation, contact Solution Electronics for a satisfying restoration experience.


24 hour Turn Around On Estimates


Easy To Read & Understand Billing


Proficient With Claims Procedures

Call us ASAP! The importance of a quick response cannot be underestimated. Timing is EVERYTHING – not an after thought! We can help you increase your restoration success rate dramatically the faster we have access to your damaged property.  Acting fast can reduce total loss/severity, as well as better control of the replacement process when necessary. 

We coat the equipment with a water displacing oil or a corrosion inhibitor. This coating will provide several weeks of protection while decisions are being made concerning the best course of action to take. This coating must be removed prior to placing the equipment back into service.


These procedures cannot be used on all equipment types! An electronics restoration specialist, such as the highly qualified experts at Solution Electronics Cleaning should be consulted to optimize your restoration outcomes.









Remember Timing Is Everything! 

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