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What We Do Better

Solution contents restoration after flood damage for insurance agents and property owners

When the unexpected or unthinkable happens in your home or business, Solution is there to get you back on line and restore your peace of mind.

Effective Contents Restoration

Whether it’s fire or flood, Solution can clean and restore any personal or commercial item or equipment contaminated by smoke, soot, water, or other contaminants.

Our process stabilizes the contaminated items, provides thorough testing, documentation, and pricing that provides real value. Our warranty* gives you the confidence that Solution will restore your electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and your peace of mind.

Timing is Everything

Assigning a claim to Solution early in the recovery process ensures top recovery success rates and the greatest potential for savings and value.

We work hand in hand with all major insurance companies and insurance contractors with services and communications that are second-to-none.

You Can Expect the Following From Solution:

  • Fast response times, often within 2 hours locally
  • Contact with the home owner within 60 minutes
  • Free preliminary site evaluation within 50 miles
  • Pack out services
  • Onsite cleaning
  • Data recovery
  • 24/7 response and service
  • Detailed inventory and Total Loss Reports
  • Power Surge/Lightning Strike verification
  • Residential and Commercial service
  • Taxidermy and firearms recovery
  • and much more…

Find out why Solution is one of the industry’s fastest growing contents restoration companies! Call us today at (616) 730-1074¬†or request an estimate:



Water Damage

Water Damaged Photos can be Restored by Solution

In water damage situations, a combination of pre-existing particulate soil, water-borne contaminants, and hazardous contaminants in the water can destroy your belongings.

Solution’s professionals can be your go-to-source for restoring your things to optimal condition!

Fire Damage

Service Panels damaged in a home fireIn fire damage situations, soot particles from incomplete combustion are acidic in nature and cause highly destructive corrosion.

This impacts not only metal surfaces and electronics… but also fabric, leather, and some wood items.

During a fire, plastics such as PVC (poly vinyl chloride) release combustion by-products known as chlorides which combine with airborne moisture and form highly corrosive hydrochloric acid. Immediate action is required.




*Ask us for details

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