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Insurance Pros

Commercial & Residential

During the claims process, speed, timing and accuracy are everything. With over 35 years of restoration and claims process experience, you can be confident Solution is your one-stop expert claims assistance.

Solution Specializes In:

    • Water Damage
    • Fire Damage
    • Art & Memorabilia
    • Antiques & Collectables
    • Photographs
    • Documents
    • Books
    • Entertainment
    • Electronics
    • Clothing & Textiles
    • Appliances & Furniture
    • Tools & Equipment
    • Firearms
    • Taxidermy
    • Total Loss Management

 Ease and consistency in the claims process.

Fast claims assignments to Solution insures a high rate of success on even the most heavily contaminated items, and reduces total loss due to prolonged exposure to harmful contaminants.

We provide management of items deemed non-restorable and total loss. A spreadsheet of all total loss items is generated with clickable links to get the claim settled much faster, and with reduced customer concerns.

We use industry approved pricing on all labor items with clear explanations for services performed. If you need to pack out, an onsite restoration or consultation, contact Solution for a satisfying restoration experience.



24 hour Turn Around On Estimates


Easy To Read & Understand Billing


Proficient With Claims Procedures

 Industry Leaders In Specialty Contents Cleaning & Restoration

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