Why Use Solution? | Solution Full Contents Restoration
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Why Use Solution?

Solution can offer full service contents restoration in the case of a fire disaster

Fire and water claims can be devastating and a major disruption in people’s lives. Your belongings are either soaked or covered in soot, and you’ve never seen anything like this.

You are overwhelmed. Who do you turn to?

The Solution Way

Solution can restore all of your belongings to their original condition prior to the claim. We walk hand-in-hand to ease home owners through the process and get you back to your regular routine.

Above all, Solution is your point of contact for all of the things in your home. Therefore, there is no need to parcel out the clothing, furniture, and appliances to separate companies! This eliminates the lengthy process of figuring out who has particular items and dealing with multiple customer service departments.

Nearly any item in your home can be restored by Solution. Items deemed a total loss will be researched and documented so that the homeowner never needs to remember all the possessions in their home.

The homeowner is then given the total loss report containing clickable links that ease the process of reviewing damaged items and finding logical replacements.

The end result is that the adjuster is provided with far more accurate information within days– not months– and you are compensated for lost items much sooner!

Are you a homeowner in need of full-service contents restoration?

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