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We would like to thank you for the excellent service your company provided in cleaning our electronics. We appreciated the professionalism showed by you and your staff by being on time, prepared, thorough, and expeditious. Even more important when someone is spending several hours in your home, is the friendliness and humor of the team. Although, I hope we never have the catastrophe that required your service, we would not hesitate to call you again or recommend your company to friends and family.

Bruce & Connie Lack


After our house fire, Solution Electronics Cleaning was the contractor charged with cleaning the electronics that may have been exposed to smoke and/or soot. I had no idea what to expect when Mark and his crew showed up. Boy, was I impressed! Some of the electronics they were able to clean on-site. But most of them, including televisions and computers, they took off-site to clean. Each piece that was removed from my house was bubble wrapped and labled. And, they were returned the same way. I’ve really never seen such care taken by a contractor before. That, in and of itself, warrants repeat business. Mark described to be that they take each electronic apart and clean it buy hand. And I believe it. When my projection TV was returned, I hadn’t seen such vivid colors since I purchased it!

All of my electronics that were salvageable were returned in excellent condition (in bubble wrap!) with the cords neatly wrapped with cable ties.

I highly recommend Solution Electronics Cleaning for any piece of electronics you need cleaned.

Walt F

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Why Use Solution Electronics Cleaning?

Solution Electronics Cleaning professionals are committed to maintaining your electronic components original performance characteristics as long as possible. Particulate contamination is often the biggest contributing factor to premature electronic component failure. Common airborne contaminants eventually deposit on the interior of most electronic equipment. The installation of cooling fans on electrical equipment greatly increases the potential for internal contamination. The contaminants often have insulating characteristics which cause overheating and premature component failure. Most airborne particulate contaminants are moisture loving. The combination of particulate and airborne moisture form electrical leakage paths, from which conductivity increases rapidly as moisture content increases.
Equipment performance can become erratic due to uncontrollable changes in atmospheric conditions. In addition, most airborne particulates carry a static charge which can result in electrical problems.

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